Okay, so this time it isn’t just a “oh it’d be nice to have some extra money”. Long story short, I’m making a necessary move in the next few weeks and I don’t have enough funds to afford it, much less buy food and gas and other necessary things to live.  I’m not getting my first paycheck until May and the move has to come before that.  So I’d really appreciate as much business as I can get!  I need to make a couple hundred bucks in order to make ends meet, at this point.

I can draw in several different styles, if you have something in mind just tell me. I’ll draw anything: OCs, fan characters, canon characters, porn, environments… 

Here’s my prices:

Colored sketch/lineless style: $10

Colored clean line-art: $20

Background: depends on what it is but generally +$15

Simple animation: this can be anything from a turnaround to a walk cycle to a reaction gif. No more than 10 frames. Price is anywhere from $40 - $80, generally.

Adding a character adds to the price, depending on what you want.

Again, I’d really, really appreciate any business!  If you’re interested, either send me an ask or email me at megstockham@gmail.com. Thanks for reading.

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